Elizabeth in Vienna, 2015


Elizabeth Titus has been a journalist, an English teacher, an advertising executive, a communications director and speechwriter (15 years at American Express) and a freelance writer and communications consultant. She has a BA in English (Skidmore), an MA in English (University of Pennsylvania), and an MBA (Wharton). She lives in a 1930s colony formed by socialists in Connecticut (see “Weston’s Socialist Summer Camp” under Print Articles) as well as on a landmarked block of West 67th Street in New York City (“Duchamp’s Crash Pad”). She has published articles with the Weston Magazine Group, Westport News (Hearst), Long Story ShortMs. Magazine.comSkidmore Scope, (Meredith), Ithaca Lit, The Feathered Flounder,  Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, Narrative, The Humanist, Talking Writing, Women’s Voices Now, Full Grown People, Great Moments in Parenting, The Intima: Columbia University Medical School’s Journal of Narrative Medicine, and  Chicken Soup for the Soul.

She has served as a mentor for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. She volunteers with PennPAC, a skills-based, volunteer consulting group, made up of graduates of the various schools at the University of Pennsylvania, doing probono consulting for non-profit organizations in the metro NY area. She also volunteers with Taproot Foundation.


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